What is the flight time from the UK?

Depending on your UK Airport, we normally estimate around 4 hours.

How far is Casas Del Sol from the Airport?

Casas del Sol is approx 15 miles ( 24km) from the Airport. (Arreciffe). It takes about 25 – 30 minutes by car. Taxi fare is about €40.

Alternatively you can hire a car ( independently, or via us) from the Airport.

Is there any entertainment on Casas Del Sol?

No, Casas Del Sol is well catered for entertainment by the short walk to the Punta Limones Commercial Centre where there is a variety of bars and restaurants catering for most tastes ( see Steve’s Essential Guide when you are in 2D). Fortunately, Casas Del Sol is far enough away that there is no sound pollution at night time. The only entertainment is the two tennis courts and swimming pools.

How far is Casas Del Sol from the beach?

There are two local beaches within easy walking distance of CDS. The nearest is the town beach, which is a blue flag beach, with lifeguard and fresh water showers. A little further east there is Playa Dorada which is more expansive with sun-bed, umbrella hire and water sports. Arguably some of the best beaches in the Canaries, if not Spain, Papagayo are a little farther away and can be reached on foot although a car or the local water taxi is easier.

What time can I gain access to the bungalow, and what time do I have to vacate?

To allow time for cleaning, access is not normally allowed before 2pm. Likewise, the management ask that you vacate the bungalow by 10am on the day of departure. There are provisions in place for late departures.

Do I need to take towels?

No. Towels for washing are provided twice a week and beach towels are available in the bungalow.

Are pets allowed to stay?

Unfortunately we cannot allow pets to stay in 2D.

Is there internet access on Casas Del Sol?

Yes, we offer free wifi access in the bungalow.

Will my mobile phone work while I'm there?

Most UK mobile phone network providers have fairly good reception in most parts of the island. However you should check with your own provider before leaving the U.K. and make sure that your International Call Barr is lifted where appropriate.

There is a landline phone in the bungalow which is not cheap for outgoing calls but is free for incoming. Phone number details are available with your booking confirmation.

We have a baby, can a cot and high chair be provided?

Yes.  Please email us after your booking has been confirmed and we can make arrangements for you.